Yeezy Servers Overview

Industry standard Support.


Yeezy Servers follows the same usual customer support model as the rest of the industry. You’ll have to wait a bit to get replies but they’re helpful. Expected with the heavy traffic they receive!

An industry Leader!


Currently the only Yeezy/Sneaker Server provider that actually optimises and customises its servers for copping Yeezys. The location is chosen to be perfect, the speed is perfect, the software is tailored to make sure its perfect for all sneaker bots. Its doing everything right when it comes to making sure you get a chance at copping. One of the main reasons its our pick for best sneaker server,

So damn Sweet.


The minimum requirements for bots to run well is 4GB of RAM so we’re basing our pricing guide on that, and in this domain Yeezy Servers dominates! They price at $49 for 4 GB while similar competitors go for $80. So it’s a steal! Only thing you have to worry about is them selling out of stock!

Whats the Best Server?
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Find out now the best server for the coming release!

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Don't Forget Your Yeezy Bot!

You need it to have a chance at copping!

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Don't Forget Your Yeezy Proxies

You need Proxies to have more chances to cop!

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