Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas Release Results


After the continued success of the Yeezy line, Kanye and Adidas wanted to dig into the archives for their next project. Enter the Yeezy PowerPhase, the first design from West that isn’t a new silhouette and draws from Adidas’ rich sports heritage. With a clean and simple look and a price point that can’t be beaten. This release was your second chance of copping the Adidas Yeezy Calabasas after the first drop back in May which released in a very limited quantity on YeezySupply, while the shoe have its haters and people who look down on it and the fact that it’s not your typical Yeezy boost design you love and wait for from AdidasxKanye, It was still a hyped release, wanted by the majority of the Sneaker community.
Adidas announced that they will be releasing it in the US only, alongside Kith and YeezySupply. Around 15k pairs were dropped between those three sites, Adidas had the biggest slice of the pie, of course.

Yeezy powerphase memes

Bounty Hunters

In this age and time when talking about limited shoes and especially Yeezy, the bounty, you can’t but to bring up bots into the conversation, the bounty hunters.
Bots were just whispers at first, rarely used and considered as a myth, you would see someone talking about it on Reddit, buying a bot was like trying to get something illegal. Time has changed, they have a market of their own now with thousands of users that cop successfully on every release, bots users demolishing the stock wasn’t a news anymore but just another day at the office, it was at this moment that big brands like Adidas and Nike, in addition to other retailers, realized that something had to change to stop the bots army from growing any further.
Someone needed to claim the mantle of the usurper and dethrone the bots so that all sneakerheads will have a fair chance of copping, but fair is foul and foul is fair.

Adidas are always trying to fill out that role, you see them adding a captcha, re-captcha, splash page, you name it, sometimes they were successful, but often outplayed by bots. In their recent attempts at evening the playground, they destroy it.

On the Yeezy PowerPhase release Adidas pulled another stunt, they started the splash page and closed it really quick, many people thought that the release was over, so they closed their laptops, made a room for another L on the shelf and continued their Sunday plans normally.
Only to be surprised later on by Adidas re-opening the splash page after about an hour to begin the real release.
The first drop was merely a test to check if their new changes were success or not to combat bots, they released 2k pairs only and the rest was in the second drop
Not only they have wasted our time by doing do since the release was over three hours, they failed to stop bots which was the whole point of them pulling these kinds of shenanigans. That’s not how you level things up, I know a better way of doing so.
What if everybody owned a bot? A solution of evening things, a better one than wasting the people time if you ask me.


If you are looking for a bot or own one but not happy with the results and want a replacement, you’ve come to the right place, we review the successful bots on limited releases such as Yeezy or Jordans, to give you a better overview and make it easier for you to choose a bot, plus the server and proxies which will give you more copping power.


AIO bot, the oldest and most reliable bot in the game, you can’t be a steady force in the market for that amount of years without being versatile and adaptable. No matter what Adidas add to the splash page or change the captcha, AIO bot finds a way in most of the time, as they did on the Adidas Yeezy PowerPhase.
They were the only successful bot on Adidas and scored few pairs on YeezySupply and Kith, which had a very small amount of stock.
They’ve earned the title best bot in the market, while other bots who usually do well on Adidas like Better Nike bot and Ycopp, seems to be struggling lately.

Yeezy Bot : aio bot


HeatedSneaks, the rising extension, have solidified their position on the market hitting on every Adidas release recently.
But like we always say, there’s a little bit of suspicion surrounding their fame on Twitter, but nevertheless, they deserve a recognition for being a useful tool to help you cop.

Servers and Proxies

As far as proxies and server, YeezyServers were among the best, while it’s not a familiar face yet they are building up a good reputation for being amongst the reliable providers. Honourable mention for Ebot servers and Blazing proxies.