How to set real VS fake Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock apart.


“The adidas logo is not as heavily embossed and detailed into the suede panel on the fakes. Also, the suede panel on the fakes is a different color clearly and has a different shape.”


“The ‘YZY’ logo on the suede panel of the fakes is not as detailed or heavily embossed into the suede. Once again, shape and craftsmanship is off on the fakes as well. The color of the suede panel is off too.”


“Usually there’s a difference with the back heel area/tab, but not with the Moonrocks.”


“Most defining flaw is the placement and angle of the heel tab on the fakes. It is significantly higher and closer to the ankle collar.”


Real Vs Fake Outsole Yeezy 350 Boost Moonrock

“This is a look at the bottom of the outsole of the right shoe from each pair. To the left of the Boost pod, there are holes on each groove on the fake pair. But there isn’t on this real pair or any other real pair inspected. Yes there are holes on grooves on other places on the outsole. But we did not find them like this on any other real pair. Only the fakes.”

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