Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra Restock

The Adidas Yeezy Boost V2 Zebra is no longer the title holder for ‘’the most limited Yeezy release’’ as the gracious Adidas decided to have mercy on L owners and re-release the shoe. That gave the hundred of thousands of sneakerheads who didn’t cop another shot at one of the most wanted Yeezy boost out there. Other than Adidas, a good amount of stock was given to other retailers that either dropped the shoe online in decent quantity or made online/in-store raffle for it. Back In February, only Adidas US and UK dropped the Zebra with each having around 4k pairs of stock. That little amount of available pairs made the Zebra resale value reach its highest. Some pairs got sold for 2k on FightClub! But this generous drop completely obliterated that value, making every person who paid 1k+ for its resale price on suicide watch since the stock was about 60k pairs worldwide.

The Deja Vu

The deja vu scenario now begins, the Adidas Yeezy release is next week and you want those unique striped kicks that celebrities wear and people journey for, so you review the options you have for a chance of scoring a pair, you have three options to choose from.

Prepare yourself to cop manually, like making sure that your WiFi is up and stable. Some people contact their internet provider on release day to increase the speed which is an important factor. Having the auto-fill setting ready beforehand is also a must, carting the Yeezy and then losing it is not an enjoyable thing to be part of. That’s all you can really do when it comes to copping manually which is the most inefficient way of getting any hyped item online.

Paying for an ATC service, while they sound great and not that expensive, since most of them either give you a full or partial refund, their success rate is low.They rely solely on special made bots that are a tire below the known bots available in the market. Aside from the quality of the bots they are using, you are still at a disadvantage when compared to the average bot user since he’s fully in control of his slots in the program. When you on the other hand still at the mercy of luck. Although we don’t conduct such videos, but we need to show you how do the majority think of one of the most known services so you can think twice before investing in one

Getting a bot is the optimal way of copping successfully. A low-risk high reward investment! Bots have proven themselves in the last couple of years to be the best option for copping, giving us a way to not pay for inflated resell prices.

Or you can sleep on all of this and wait for the release to be over so you can pay 4x the retail price. But of course you don’t want to do that, that’s why you are here considering other options! why pay for resale time after time when you can pay once for a bot that you can use on every release?

Be The Competition!

Having a bot alone isn’t enough to compete with other bot users, you will need to differentiate yourself from them by using proxies,and a server which will increase your chances of copping even more. Of course, choosing a bot, proxy and a server company to buy from can be stressful and confusing, since every company tends to claim to be the best in the business. Well we are here to save you some time by reviewing the best bots that performed on each big release so you won’t have to run a long tedious search.

We only focus on the bots that were successful on major sites, where most of the stock lies. Adidas are trying to take out bots from the game once and for all by updating their site on every major release, and a few bots were able to crack the code and keep up with the changes. So, you can see that bots are slowly closing the gap between them and Adidas.

Zebra’s Top Bots

Ycopp, which is a bot for Adidas only, was able to get through and cop a decent amount of pairs, this is a huge step for them since they were failing before on every release. Hopefully, they will be able to step up their game and hang up with the big bots while also supporting more sites with reasonable pricing. Because the price is a little steamy for a one site bot that’s not very consistent.

HS is a good extension on Adidas, but sadly their ’’success’’ on Adidas is made to be larger that it’s actually is. Over 200 hundred accounts gave them SO on twitter but most of those tweets are from shady accounts who only have one tweet and no followers. Not to mention the people (mainly resellers) who mention them just so that HS Views and retweets their post to a large audience. They will be launching their own bot soon which is a huge step forward for them if they can deliver. Personally, I will wait and see if their bot will score on big releases or not, before even considering buying it.

AIO bot once again was the main star of the show. Even though they didn’t do as expected on Adidas, they copped thousands of pairs from FootSites and did well on YeezySupply. Right now, they are the best bot for FootSites and have been for a couple of releases. It seems that they are overshadowing the others such as BNB and NikeSlayer as the rest aren’t keeping up with. They are always one step ahead of the herd! Once they completely adjust their bot to the new Adidas changes they will become a force to be reckoned with for sure.

Servers and Proxies

YeezyServer And blazing proxies have been extremely reliable for the past releases, and e_proxies as well. Taking price and efficiency into consideration the dedicated proxies they offer are better to use with bots, as opposed to the residential rotating proxies that other providers are offering.

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