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The Most Limited Yeezy Release Ever!


One shoe to rule them all, one bot to find them, in the sneakerhead land where Ls lie.

The zebra was the most limited Yeezy release yet. This was confirmed even before the drop when we saw that only Adidas was going to drop the shoe. This time if you fail on Adidas there was no getting back from this like other releases where you can try your luck with other retailers, or even enter a draw. The only way you were getting those kicks was from Adidas. Whether through the confirmed app or getting frustrated on the browser. That being said, who wouldn’t want to gain an advantage and grab the precious?


The sneaker industry is always changing, and you need to adapt as well. while failing is a big part if life, learning from your mistakes and changing the way you look at things is also a big part. Trying to cop normally on your browser will get you nowhere, it’s time to start using those powerful Yeezy tools and put yourself in the game.

If you are reading this, you probably know about Yeezy bots, shoe servers, and sneaker proxies. Those are the tools that you will need to sit on the sneaker game throne, while wearing your Yeezy of course. To cop a limited shoe you need to know every trick there is to know.

In the following, i will talk about the most successful bots and providers on the Zebra release and give you few hints.

Yeezy Bots


The best two bots were AIO bot and heated sneaks. most sneaker heads and bot user know by now that AIO is the most consistent one on Adidas and especially on Yeezy releases. From the start this season till now, they always managed to cop on every single Adidas release and with great numbers.

AIO bot is the go-to  adidasbot, with their great customer service(so f*cking important when you’re getting the hang of things) and numerous features that help us users cop. Whether it’s a simple user interface improvement which will make the bot more easy to use, or a big change like adding the HMAC destroyer which was a game changer.

Heated sneaks is also rising quickly in the bot game. A browser extension that’s easy to use with a very good price.

But word is in the sneaker community that most of his tweeter base is fake, we aren’t 100% sure but we heard this ‘’rumor” from more than one place, something to definitely to keep in mind when talking about HS.

So lets cut the crap, aiobot took best yeezybot (surprise surprise) on this release. Just watch that ego aio, lets see how you perform next time when its not home turf (adidas.com)

Muthafu*kin AIOBOT

Yeezy Bot : aio bot

Yeezy Servers and Proxies


Ebot servers and Yeezyservers did very well on the Zebra release. So did Yourprivateproxy and ProxyCue.

Having an excellent bot isn’t enough, that’s why most successful bots users, have a server and proxies to back them up.

It’s time to join the winning side, and leave the Ls behind fam, its a brave new world where only the bots survive!

We use many methods to measure performance of service providers including contacts inside each company, traffic stats, success shoutouts analysis, backdoor feeds etc, let us know where you copped from as well so we can keep our data as accurate as possible. Email us at admin@yeezybotreviews.com

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