Yeezy 350 V2 Cream White Release Results


This was the 6th v2 release this season and one of, if not, the most general Yeezy releases yet, Adidas were generous this time around by dropping 35k pairs while giving FootSites a piece of the pie as well. Approximately 100k of Yeezy pairs were released this season in the US alone. 100k pairs seem like a large number!

But let’s think about it a little bit, that number is laughable when you compare it to the millions and millions of sneakerheads and collectors out there. Every person who’s yet to cop a Yeezy and every person who did, will still do everything they can to cop the shoe they hate to love while it’s popularity is getting bigger!

The Yeezy hype is still real! The feelings I get on every release day are the same ones that I got when I first tried to get my hands on the first Nike Air Yeezy, expect for one, disappointment. Back then in the age of everlastingĀ  Ls and waiting in lines, when I used to try anything to get my hands on a single pair, from wearing a rabbit foot to installing a silly extension. That was of course before bots took over the show. Copping consistently was impossible before bots, getting them kicks release after release was either consider a miracle. Bots gave us something more than our own luck to work with since they have plenty of tools and tricks up they sleeve to overcome whatever sites throw at them.

So if you are still convinced that a day will come where you can cop manually on regular bases, think again my friend! no matter how much stock there is, they will always be extremely hard to get. That’s why you will need to use three musketeers, a bot, server, and proxies.

With those three, you can manage to cop on every release, but you will need to find the right combination and to have the knowledge that will guide you to optimize their performance. I’m here to give you a hand and make it easier for you to choose from the plenty bots and providers out there by reviewing the best-performing ones on each Yeezy release. In this one, we will be talking about what went down on the Yeezy 325 v2 Cream white release.

Other than Adidas, only FootSites had a good amount of stock, other retailers had a very small amount of stock that they aren’t worth mentioning.

so much stock so much wow


Adidas made a huge change before release day that turned the table on bots. None of the bots were successful on Adidas other than HeatedSneaks, but were they really?

We are still suspicious about HS and their twitter account, while you can find plenty of people giving them SO and credits, most of the well-known resellers and veterans of the game, who cop normally with other bots, never managed to cop a single pair using that tool. We can’t tell for sure if their extension is doing work or not, or those who copped would have done it either way, but since they have the extension they assumed that it was the reason. We need to do more digging here, personally, I never managed to hit using it.

AIO bot who usually run away with half of Adidas stock failed due to the major changes they made. But, surprisingly, killed it on FootSites!

To be honest, they usually don’t do well on FootSites, but oh man I’m glad they did! Overshadowing Sole Slayer who’s to be the FootSites specialist. Sole slayer did ok this release, but not the result you expect from them.

I’m sure that AIO will fix the Adidas issue and bounce back like they usually do, and let’s be grateful that Adidas didn’t pull that stunt on the Zebra release but on a more GR one.

Servers and Proxies

Ebot servers and YeezyServers worked great, it seems that most of their servers are located near the Adidas and Footsites ones, which is a very important factor.

The competition heated up recently, as AIO started selling their own servers.

E_proxies was the top provider this release, fast and working proxies that boosted the user’s chances.

Again, there’s plenty of providers out there, you just need to find the correct combination and to make sure that the proxies you are using are fast from the server to the sites you want to cop from.

P.S There is word on the grapevine that this GR signals the end of the resell era, but realistically its the same as any market, goes up and down so please stop peddling the headlines for views