Ycopp Bot Overview

Basic Level Customer Support

YCOPP will offer free email support whether you’re having a serious issue or just feel like talking. While this is convenient, we still recommend that you go for a bot with a faster and more professional, dedicated customer support team.

Industry standard usability.


Ycopp provides its users with an easy way to buy and sell carts through their integrated cart trading facility. This bot has an organized UI, but could definitely use an update and become more user-friendly. However, it only supports Windows, not Mac.

Moderate Copping Power

Since the people behind Ycopp sell carts, this actually means its copping power is good. They have to get those carts somehow, and it’s probably using their own bot.
Ycopp is, in fact, good for those who intend to sell carts and not Yeezys.

A Little Too Expensive

Ycopp offers two products one priced at around $120 and the other around $440 which is too much. For a Bot that’s mainly concerned with selling carts, the products are definitely overpriced.

However, if you are into Carts selling, then you can consider this to be an investment.

The Good and the Bad?

The Good
  • A good option in case you're considering selling your carts
  • A good enough customer support service
  • Offers a carts selling platform
The Bad
  • Considered very expensive with regards to its copping power
  • Copping power slightly doubted. It's mainly used to cart sneakers and not checkout.
Whats the Best Bot?
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