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What are Yeezy Servers?

Yeezy bots are just like any other program, they require a lot of system resources, a fast CPU, a hell of a lot of RAM ¬†and a lightning fast hard drive and equally fast internet connection. Try to cop by simply using your Yeezy bot on your PC and you’ll most likely fail for the following reasons.

Faster CPU: When you purchase Sneaker/Yeezy Servers they come with multiple cores, this helps when running multiple tasks/account on your bot. Not to mention those server cores will be much faster than your home PC.

Lightening Connection: How fast is your home connection? Is it a super fast 100 mgb/s link? Well that’s still 10X slower than the average Yeezy/Sneaker server running 1000 mgb/s links.

Closer to CopSites: Even if you did have a similar speed connection you’re still most likely not going to in the same postcode as the databases where the Yeezy stock is held. This means your data will have to travel a much greater distance than a Yeezy server which is optimized by placing it (and thus your bot) at the Yeezy stocks doorstep!

Dedicated: You use your PC/Laptop for so many things, and while you may not notice it, this drives down the performance of your system which in turn decreases your chances at copping. Yeezy Servers are made and used only for copping, bringing out the Max performance in your bots!

Reliability: Servers are up 99.99% of the time, do you really want to risk tripping on your adaptor or losing the Yeezy release because your system/PC wasn’t working for some reason?

Bot Optimization: Yeezy Servers are optimized for bot and support all their features while your PC may require customization.


How do I use a Yeezy Server?

Yeezy Servers may sound complicated and scary to use, but in reality they are no different to using your PC. You purchase a Yeezy server from a provider, and they will provide you with an IP address, ( for e.g) a username and password. You simply use Microsoft Remote Desktop, put in the IP address and then you’ll be presented with a login screen. Here, you just use your username and password and BAM ! You’re in! From here it should look exactly like your usual computer. Access your email and install your bot, then get copping! Just make sure you pick the best bot and don’t forget your proxies.

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