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What are Yeezy Proxies?


First of all what are Proxies, you may ask? Well first, you have to understand that you have a unique identifier for you PC on the internet called an IP that looks something like this ( When you try to cop online, especially using a bot, cop sites like Adidas and footlocker will block you to make it harder to cop, and you’ll be completely shut out for that release. So how can you cop and cop multiple pairs at that when your only allowed one pair per customer? The answer is Proxies! Proxies are like wearing different masks every single time, the cop sites will think you’re someone else and let you try again. What’s more, is that you’ll be able to act like you’re a 100 or even more different customers, and checkout as many pairs as you have proxies! Yes that’s why Proxies are so hot right now, use Proxies with Servers and Yeezy bots and you could cop like no one else!

How do I use a Yeezy Proxies?


While it may sound like a very complex and technical thing, using proxies is actually pretty simple. After you buy proxies from your provider you’ll be given a list with IPs. You simply copy the whole list and paste it into the proxy section of your bot. It’s that simple! The bot will then use a different proxy (identity) with every account/task you create.

What are the best Yeezy Proxies?


So you may be wondering how do you pick the best proxies? Well this is where you have to be careful! Check out Best Yeezy Proxies for our pick. You could end up buying proxies that are either really slow, or simply banned from being used on foot sites. Allow me to explain:

Slow Proxies: Shared Proxies are extremely slow because they’re used by multiple people. Also, even dedicated Proxies may be using 100mgb/s connections. While that isn’t slow it’s super slow compared to the 1000mgb/s connections that everyone else whose trying to cop is using. So be sure to get super fast proxies! Also make sure that they’re USA based proxies, if they’re fast but half way around the world, they’ll still end up being slow by the time the data gets to the footsites.

Banned Proxies: If you buy Shared Proxies you’re almost 100% going to be banned, as in they’ve been used by some else on footsites and they’ve been banned. The minimum you have to do is buy Private/Dedicated proxies. Think it’s over? Well no it’s not. Even Private/Dedicated proxies may be banned before you use them, how? Well think of it this way, proxies all have a sort of family name (subnet). While you’re proxies may not have been used yet, someone else with proxies that have the same family name, (subnet) may have been banned and the foot site decided to ban the entire family tree! So What do you do? Well almost all Proxy providers say that they DO NOT GUARANTEE that sneaker proxies will work on foot sites, however some like Yeezy Servers check before selling them to you. They may still get banned right after, but at least they’re more likely to work that the rest.

Make sure to check the Yeezy Proxies rankings page to find the best proxies, and dont forget your servers and bots!

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