OneStopCop Overview

Better Than Many.

OneStopCop provides good support to its customers. And in addition to the regular support via email, they seem to be fairly responsive on Twitter. Which is a plus when most their competitors leave matters dangled.

Industry standard usability.


OneStopCop bot features a very basic, minimalistic and smoothe user interface.
While it could use some enhancing and more taste, that is not the real point behind a bot. We can overlook anything if the copping power is great, but onestopcop is not quite there yet.

Seems to Be Getting Better!

It’s quite beneficial for a “below-average” bot, to do well when other big names are dropping. While OneStopCop still can’t rise to the level of the Best Bot on the market, it’s becoming an option for new sneakerheads.

How Much Is It Worth?


It’s getting better, the interface is simple, but how much is OneStopCop really worth? For now, it’s not as worthy of your money as other bots. And it still doesn’t have an AIO version, but maybe if we give it some time, it will be able to prove its worth.

The Good and the Bad?

The Good
  • The best Yeezy copper out there, its got the best chances of copping
  • An excellent customer service team and client support services
  • Supports a crazy amount of cop sites (40+)
  • Always updated for releases
The Bad
  • Interface takes getting used to
  • Slightly more expensive than competition
Whats the Best Bot?
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