NikeSlayer Bot Overview

Again, Industry Standard


Like most Yeezy bot companies not much has been invested into the support of customers, it seems the company concentrates on keeping the bot running instead keeping you copping.

Simple, Usable


NikeSlayer does excel here by reducing the interface to something quick and simple, true it may be limited in features but buying this bot you know you’re only a basic user.

Works, Mediocre, But Works


NikeSlayer’s copping power is quite a controversial matter. At times you’d cop many pairs, at others, you’d cop nothing, so you can use NikeSlayer but you should know it’s not fully reliable.



For a middle-class Yeezy bot $250 is pretty expensive compared to similar featured offerings from BNB and AIO.

The Good and the Bad?

The Good
  • Simple and Straight forward
  • Has a chance to Cop Yeezys!
The Bad
  • Too expensive for something not so powerfull
  • doesn't support many cop sites
Whats the Best Bot?
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