NikeShoe Bot Overview

Industry Standard

NikeShoe Bot offers the same level support and technical support that AIO and Cyber provide. Discord access is also available to owners of the bot.

Industry standard usability.


The interface is more user-friendly than the average bot. It is easy to use and there is not much distraction on the platform since it’s very simplistic.

Improved Copping Ability


NikeShoe Bot’s copping power is impressive. In almost no time, it managed to level up with the major bots in the game. It’s quite impressive how far this bot has come.

Understandably High


The price is a jaw-dropping $499/year. However, looking at its copping power, it’s understandable. Nikeshoebot cops the most limited sneaker releases helping its users make so much money from reselling. Sounds like a bot that pays for itself.

The Good and the Bad?

The Good
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Slightly improved interface
The Bad
  • Still doesn't have Yeezy copping power
Whats the Best Bot?
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