Heated Sneaks


Slowly but steadily, Heated Sneaks seems to be improving with every Yeezy release.

After succeeding on several Yeezy releases, Heated Sneaks managed to prove itself to be more than Just a Supreme Bot. In fact, It is safe to say that Heated Sneaks has become one of the few really powerful sneaker bots out there.

And with reasonable prices, it is getting the attention of many sneakerheads.

Coping Power:

Some people are referring to HeatedSneaks as ‘’scam’’, claiming that the majority of their Twitter supporters are fake accounts, so be careful. For the time being we recommend selecting another bot.

Note this is an overview, the best bot to buy will change depending on release variables. To find out the best bot for the next release see Whats the best Bot?

Heated Sneaks Bot Overview

Industry Standard Support

Heated Sneak’s support team is the second best one in the business, with a short reply time and enthusiastic attitude but lacking a little bit in the technical department.

Enterprise Level Usability

Heated Sneaks is actually a browser extension, and these are usually easy to install and use.

Enhanced Copping Ability

Heated Sneaks still has some releases before it gets to the top of the sneaker bots list, but it’s getting better with time. Plus, It’s a very good extension to use on supreme tho.

Fair Price.


Since Heated Sneak’s Yeezy copping power and success rate aren’t that great, the price seems to be fair, you can install it on your browser while running another bot since it won’t affect the bot’s performance.

The Good and the Bad?

The Good
  • A very easy to use and install extension with a user-friendly interface
  • A very good support team with a short reply time
  • A Fair price in comparison to their copping power and success
The Bad
  • Not a powerful tool to use for a Yeezy release
  • Some people refer to it as ‘’scam’’, claiming that the majority of their Twitter supporters are fake accounts.
Whats the Best Bot?
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