EasyCop Bot Overview

Still developing


As a new company you can’t blame them for still developing their customer support systems. For now its just pretty basic

Industry standard usability.


Surprising for a new company but not for the industry, the usability of the interface is the same as everyone else except for a few color theme changes. Nothing worth mentioning.

It Cops, not much, but it Cops

It seems as if Easycop Bot was more like someone experimenting with creating bots. But a Sneaker Bot that is not frequently updated, doesn’t cop. And looks like that’s what happened with Easycop Bot

Overpriced for an Untested Product


For someone so new and a product that has yet to prove its grit the pricing is way too high especially when you can get some of the top bots for that price range.


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The Good and the Bad?

The Good
  • Its new, so might be potential for growth
The Bad
  • Way Overpriced!
  • Doesn't have much copping power
Whats the Best Bot?
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Find out now the best bot for the coming release!

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Don't Forget Your Yeezy Servers

You need it to make sure your bot runs properly!

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Don't Forget Your Yeezy Proxies

You need Proxies to have more chances to cop!

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