DasheIO Overview

Market-Level Customer Support

DasheIO provides market-standard 24/7 customer support. Nothing Fancy or anything but at least they offer it.

Easily Useable

DasheIO’s interface seems to be simple and elegant. To be honest the Dark theme is a plus. Also, the transition between the different parts is smooth, making the whole copping process a lot easier for the user.

Good enough for a Shopify Bot

Overlooking the fact that DahseIO supports neither Adidas nor Nike, we can say that it has a fair enough copping power. It seems to be doing well on YeezySupply. But then again, the real test of a bot’s copping power is on Adidas. All bots seem to do fairly as well on Yeezysupply and KITH.

Great Value!

For a Shopify bot that is supported on Mac, $200 seems like a very reasonable price. Especially that it supports over 70 Shopify sites and provides you with unlimited tasks.

The Good and the Bad?

The Good
  • A good Shopify Bot
  • Good Price
  • Supports Over 70 Sopify Sites
  • User Friendly Interface
The Bad
  • Does not Support Major Sneaker Sites
  • Copping Power Fluctuates Frequently
Whats the Best Bot?
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