Which Yeezy Bot Will Cop You the Adidas Yeezy 700 Waverunner?

Which Yeezy Bot Will Cop You the Adidas Yeezy 700 Waverunner?

It’s happening in 3 days. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Waverunner is restocking in the US this Saturday. And everyone is wondering, which Yeezy bot should they buy or run on that wild day?

Based on how well Yeezy bots performed last year on Yeezy releases, the rankings have changed. Some Yeezy bots remain firm at the top, while others seem to have drowned in Ls. So how to properly choose your Yeezy bot?

Buying a Yeezy Bot?

If you still don’t have a bot and this is your first endeavor in the world of sneaker copping, the process is a little different for you. You will probably need to worry about the pricing, the reputation of the bot and the fraudulent success claims.

For that, you can refer to our Yeezy Bots’ page. There, you can find the latest ranking of all major Yeezy bots in the market. This ranking was based on Price, Cooping Power, Support and ease of use. If you’re new to the game, you need to own a Yeezy bot that’s fairly easy to use, and which provides fast and professional support in case you needed it. And you will probably do.

You can also refer to every Bot’s Twitter feed, and go through it to see their rate of success on the last releases. However, you need to be aware of fake success tweets, which aim to give some bots a reputation and a rank they might not be worthy of.

Copping Yeezys is not a simple process, in fact, it can be very stressful and complicated. Therefore, you need to have all the help and support you can gather on that day.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Waverunner

Own some Yeezy Bots?

If you’re already head first in the game, then you probably own 2 to 3 Yeezy bots already. But, if you’re planning on buying another one, go back to the first step and read it.
And if you’re just confused on which Yeezy bot you should run on Saturday, read on.

While running several Yeezy bots on 1 device can exhaust the power of it, it is still feasible. Based on how powerful your PC is, you can run up to 2 or 3 Bots. However, it is much more efficient and smooth to run each bot on a device, if possible. Now, if you’re planning on running only one bot, let us help you.

If you have owned a certain bot for a while, you’ve probably monitored its performance on every release and on each sneaker site. Now since the Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 is only dropping on Adidas and Yeezysupply, you need to take that into consideration. You must run the bot(s) that, first, supports these websites and, second, is known for copping massively from them.

Keep in mind that Adidas usually holds the highest stock level, so if you’re planning on running a Shopify bot, you’d be killing your chances at copping. Shopify bots only work on Yeezysupply, never Adidas nor Nike. So, be careful when limiting your chances to 1 site.

On the other hand, go through the Twitter feed of the Yeezy bots you own, make a full study of their last performance on Yeezyssupply and Adidas. Choose the bot that performed best during the last couple Yeezy releases. But you also need to remember that Adidas keeps pulling tricks to ban bots. So a bot that cops on Adidas despite the odds will probably do well on the Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 release.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 WaverunnerThe Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Waverunner is releasing o Saturday, March 10th, 2018. It will release in the classic OG colorway and retail for $300. From what we know so far, the Waverunners are to drop on Adidas US and Yeezysupply only. Another restock in the EU will supposedly happen later on.

Much like any other Yeezy, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 is supposed to have people crawling from all around the world to cop it, So you need to secure yourself a pair. The only way to do it is to have the right Yeezy Bot, Server, and proxies.

How Well Did Sneaker Bots Do on the Semi Frozen Yellow Release?

How Well Did Sneaker Bots Do on the Semi Frozen Yellow Release?

A while back, the scene was so similar to now and so many people were crying Ls out of their eyes. Back then the heart-breaking Yeezy Boost Zebra was the reason behind all the pain. Now, sneakerheads all around the world are still in shock because of how things went during the Yeezy Boost Semi Frozen Yellow release. Rightfully earning the title of the most limited V2 ever, the Semi Frozen Yellow left us all drowning in tears, sweat, and broken Sneaker Bots.

sneaker Bots and Semi Frozen Yellow
That situation generated a series of questions. Who on earth Copped? Who the Heck got Yeezus’ Blessings and is resting with the Yebras right beside him? But most importantly, How did they do it, when almost no bot worked?
Yes, they were exclusive and yes, the competition was crazy high, but is that what brought so many Ls on the bots team? Or is it some new trick Adidas pulled to help people cop manually and left sneaker bots waiting in a fake waiting room?

Sneaker Bots Performance

Now after the fight is over, and the fog has cleared the big question is, how did sneaker bots do this time?
Well, generally speaking not good. Not as nearly as good as they should have. But then again the Yeezy Boost Beluga 2.0 is coming out next week, and we all need some reliable reviews to help us on our next bot shopping spree.


Heated Sneaks Logo

It’s usually a good Supreme Bot. HeatedSneaks do very well on almost all Supreme releases. However, on the Yeezy front, they’re still not the experts. But that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally succeed at copping on Yeezy releases. In fact, it seems that they’ve gotten somewhat better at this. Landing in first place on the Semi Frozen Yellow release, HeatedSneaks did a great job this time.

Something worth mentioning is the fact that many of the shoutouts posted on HeatedSneaks’ twitter account are susceptible to falsification. Many Social Media experts and Designers believe that some of the Shoutouts are either scammed or photoshopped. We do not adopt any of these claims, but for the sake of objectivity, we had to clarify that.



The Mac-only Bot. To be honest we’re impressed by the fact that AIOMacBot landed in the top 3 this release. What’s quite interesting is that many of this bot’s users managed to cop two or more pairs, some of them even got away with the really good sizes. You can check it all on twitter. So apparently these guys worked hard and deserved a landing in second place on the Semi Frozen Yellow release.


AioBot Logo

Having ruled the sneaker copping game for so long, these guys are known for their bot’s copping power and their reliable customer support team. However, it seems that something wasn’t going on too well with them on this release. But with all the adversaries they faced during that last release, they managed to get back in the game eventually. Some of their users will enjoy a very merry Christmas wearing the Semi Frozen Yellow.
What’s really funny was one user’s story on how he copped not one but 2 pairs of the Semi Frozen Yellow. He actually had to leave to work and left the bot running only to find that 2 pairs were checked out and became his.


Dashe Bot

Based on the number of shoutouts they got on Twitter, Dashe Bot ranks 4th in the Semi Frozen Yellow race. With many users copping multiple pairs it’s safe to say that the Dashe Bot team is improving, and only time will tell how far up the ranking they will go. Having users who managed to cop several pairs when other sneaker bots couldn’t even cross the splash page is a huge achievement.

YCop Bot & SplashForce

Ycopp Bot Logo

Both Bots didn’t do well this time. Not to blame the bots or anything, but it was a tricky release. Having only a handful of Shoutouts, YCopBot and SplashForce have to double or even triple their efforts to get back in the race.

Dropping Out of the Race BNB

BetterNike Bot Logo

There was one sneaker bot that had a presence in the sneaker game before and was absent on the last release. BetterNikeBot dropped out of the race before even completing the first lap. Once Being a big contender in the sneaker industry BNB seems to have let all its history got to waste. Which is a big mistake, because once you’re out of the race there’s no coming back.

NikeSlayer LogoNikeShoeBot LogoSuperCopBot Logo

NikeSlayer, NikeShoeBot, and SuperCopBot didn’t even show up to the competition, so we can say they’re all disqualified now. It is Ok to try your best and not score in the end than to not try at all. Afterall the effort counts just as much as the shoutouts.                      

What Happened on Adidas?

Adidas’ war on the bots seems to have gone to the next level. What did Adidas really do? We still can’t answer that particular question, but what we know is that Captcha Services weren’t performing all too well that day. Word behind the scenes is that Ticketing Bots were draining out Captcha Services. Taylor Swift’s Concert tickets released at the same time as the Yebra and Captcha services had to work double shifts. So it was really more of a battle between Sneakerheads and Swift’s fans.

Regardless of how well every bot did individually, the whole release was jinxed on Adidas. However, it seems that all bots, at least those that tried, did equally as well on YeezySupply. As well as they could do considering the enormously low stock level of the Semi Frozen Yellow.

Copping sneakers is as much about luck, as it is about the bot itself. So it’s fair to say that the top 3 sneaker bots are the ones to keep an eye on during the next releases.The real test is coming next Saturday, November 25th. The Beluga 2.0 will have a high stock level and should be easy to cop, so it’s not until then that we can rank a bot #1.

Rumored Release: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Red Night

Rumored Release: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Red Night

Throw-Back to “Moonrock”!

Sneakerheads all over the world remember the crazy release of the Yeezy Boost “Moonrock” back in 2015. Those Yeezys sold out in a matter of seconds, after announcing them only 2 weeks before the actual release! And now, we have this wild thought that the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Red Night could release in that same manner!

Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Red Night: Features

The brand new Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Red Night made an initial appearance on the Yeezy Mafia Twitter account. Taking a closer look, this Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 comes in a color scheme made up of Red Night, Chalk Purple and Chalk Pink hues. And you can notice the Pink taking over the pull-tab and the SPLY-350 lettering on the sides.


This bold new “Red Night” colorway combines Purple and Pink in a way that could make our holidays even merrier!

Rumored Release Date

So for all we know now, there is still no official release date for the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Red Night. However, a release could possibly occur given that the Moonrock Yeezy Boost 350 dropped with almost no prior notice. And after pushing the release of the “Beluga 2.0” further from October to December, there seems to be an open slot for the Red Night to drop soon!


Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Red Night

And did you miss this? When “Dave” asked if there will still be a release in October, Yeezy mafia replied that there will still be one, but did not say what is actually dropping. So we are keeping our hopes high!



On the other hand, according to SneakerFiles and their sources, the Red Night will be dropping sometime in December 2017. Either way, rumors can’t always go wrong and these boosts must be releasing soon!


Release Info

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Colorway: Red Night/Chalk Purple-Chalk Pink
Release date: T.B.A.
Style code: B37573

Whether in October or December, the Yeezy boost 350 v2 Red Night is a most welcomed addition to the Yeezy family. And if our guess turns out right, remember you read it all here first!

Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra Restock

Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra Restock

The Adidas Yeezy Boost V2 Zebra is no longer the title holder for ‘’the most limited Yeezy release’’ as the gracious Adidas decided to have mercy on L owners and re-release the shoe. That gave the hundred of thousands of sneakerheads who didn’t cop another shot at one of the most wanted Yeezy boost out there. Other than Adidas, a good amount of stock was given to other retailers that either dropped the shoe online in decent quantity or made online/in-store raffle for it. Back In February, only Adidas US and UK dropped the Zebra with each having around 4k pairs of stock. That little amount of available pairs made the Zebra resale value reach its highest. Some pairs got sold for 2k on FightClub! But this generous drop completely obliterated that value, making every person who paid 1k+ for its resale price on suicide watch since the stock was about 60k pairs worldwide.

The Deja Vu

The deja vu scenario now begins, the Adidas Yeezy release is next week and you want those unique striped kicks that celebrities wear and people journey for, so you review the options you have for a chance of scoring a pair, you have three options to choose from.

Prepare yourself to cop manually, like making sure that your WiFi is up and stable. Some people contact their internet provider on release day to increase the speed which is an important factor. Having the auto-fill setting ready beforehand is also a must, carting the Yeezy and then losing it is not an enjoyable thing to be part of. That’s all you can really do when it comes to copping manually which is the most inefficient way of getting any hyped item online.

Paying for an ATC service, while they sound great and not that expensive, since most of them either give you a full or partial refund, their success rate is low.They rely solely on special made bots that are a tire below the known bots available in the market. Aside from the quality of the bots they are using, you are still at a disadvantage when compared to the average bot user since he’s fully in control of his slots in the program. When you on the other hand still at the mercy of luck. Although we don’t conduct such videos, but we need to show you how do the majority think of one of the most known services so you can think twice before investing in one https://twitter.com/GeckoSquadron/status/885842594743410688

Getting a bot is the optimal way of copping successfully. A low-risk high reward investment! Bots have proven themselves in the last couple of years to be the best option for copping, giving us a way to not pay for inflated resell prices.

Or you can sleep on all of this and wait for the release to be over so you can pay 4x the retail price. But of course you don’t want to do that, that’s why you are here considering other options! why pay for resale time after time when you can pay once for a bot that you can use on every release?

Be The Competition!

Having a bot alone isn’t enough to compete with other bot users, you will need to differentiate yourself from them by using proxies,and a server which will increase your chances of copping even more. Of course, choosing a bot, proxy and a server company to buy from can be stressful and confusing, since every company tends to claim to be the best in the business. Well we are here to save you some time by reviewing the best bots that performed on each big release so you won’t have to run a long tedious search.

We only focus on the bots that were successful on major sites, where most of the stock lies. Adidas are trying to take out bots from the game once and for all by updating their site on every major release, and a few bots were able to crack the code and keep up with the changes. So, you can see that bots are slowly closing the gap between them and Adidas.

Zebra’s Top Bots

Ycopp, which is a bot for Adidas only, was able to get through and cop a decent amount of pairs, this is a huge step for them since they were failing before on every release. Hopefully, they will be able to step up their game and hang up with the big bots while also supporting more sites with reasonable pricing. Because the price is a little steamy for a one site bot that’s not very consistent.

HS is a good extension on Adidas, but sadly their ’’success’’ on Adidas is made to be larger that it’s actually is. Over 200 hundred accounts gave them SO on twitter but most of those tweets are from shady accounts who only have one tweet and no followers. Not to mention the people (mainly resellers) who mention them just so that HS Views and retweets their post to a large audience. They will be launching their own bot soon which is a huge step forward for them if they can deliver. Personally, I will wait and see if their bot will score on big releases or not, before even considering buying it.

AIO bot once again was the main star of the show. Even though they didn’t do as expected on Adidas, they copped thousands of pairs from FootSites and did well on YeezySupply. Right now, they are the best bot for FootSites and have been for a couple of releases. It seems that they are overshadowing the others such as BNB and NikeSlayer as the rest aren’t keeping up with. They are always one step ahead of the herd! Once they completely adjust their bot to the new Adidas changes they will become a force to be reckoned with for sure.

Servers and Proxies

YeezyServer And blazing proxies have been extremely reliable for the past releases, and e_proxies as well. Taking price and efficiency into consideration the dedicated proxies they offer are better to use with bots, as opposed to the residential rotating proxies that other providers are offering.

War On Bots

Bots vs retailers


Our way of living has changed dramatically since the revolution of the internet and programming world. When you reflect on how things were in comparison to today you will be amazed by how every single aspect of our life has changed. Reading the morning paper to catch up on current events was a thing, as was buying a limited shoe from a store. Back then you still could snag an air Jordan retro from the store, if you knew the way. The sneaker culture was merely a fight club that grew slowly over time.

Then came the internet, ordering online was then next big thing. Why waste plenty of your valuable time going into stores buying clothes and groceries when you can have them delivered to your home in just a couple of clicks. Every big store in the world rushed to create their own site to make it easier for their consumers and to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Adidas and Nike took that step as well creating a shopping site that contains every item they had in stock and every item they will release in the future, from normal socks to the most anticipated shoe of the year. But they overlooked a very important side of their business, supply, and demand. By that time, sneakerheads became a well-known force and the shoe industry was a billion dollar one already. Hundreds of thousands of people logging into Nike at the same time to cop those few pairs of Foamposite, and what would happen? the site isn’t ready to serve all of those users and it will eventually crash and most pairs would go to stores and retailers bringing us back to the dark ages of campouts, waiting in line, and in some cases, violence. All of the known brands and retailers, who had their own websites, realized that they needed to shake things up. So they started hiring world class developers to minimize the chances of their servers crashing on release time. They succeeded of course, but the site crashing wasn’t the core of the problem, it was the fact that copping those kicks was impossible and pure luck! Until one shoe lover decided to make his own luck and create a bot.


At first, there were simple extensions that speeded up the checkout process by auto-filling the info. Slowly, these extensions became well known and wanted by sneakerheads. After a while, bots evolved becoming independent programs, reaching a new level. They can add to cart and auto checkout for you beating the other slow users who are relying on the speed of their clicks. With the birth of Nike and Adidas bots, it was a whole new ball game. Bots became a massive part of the sneaker industry used by plenty resellers and collectors.

Sneaker bots demolishing most of the stock, was not the most strange thing. It was the fact that bot users were the minority of the sneaker community. At this point, Adidas, Nike and all of the retailers decided to take action against bots to level up the playing field.

A bot imitates what you normally do on the browser click by click, so the site needs to be compatible with the bot in order for it to work. If Adidas changed something in the ATC process before the release, for example, the bot won’t work thus evening up the playground. That was at first, but then bot developers got smarter. They started finding out what was changed on the site, and updating the bot accordingly before the drop. That’s why retailers had to step up their game, so they quit the small changes and turned into more efficient solutions such as the Captcha. Almost all retailers have a Captcha to combat bots now, and others are coming up with different solutions, Adidas with their queue page, Supreme giving ghost orders etc…


Are those solutions really working? Bots are still finding their way in, whether it’s past the Captcha or the Adidas splash page. If stopping the bot completely was manageable, someone would have done it by now! All they are doing is slowing them down a bit.

As long as Adidas is still dropping 10K pairs of Yeezy for millions of sneakerheads and supreme dropping a 100 ‘’let’s fuck” tees, bots will continue to exist because as we talked before, they gave something we never had before, hope.The hope of copping the Yeezys.

Sneakers are likely just the tip of the spear when it comes to mainstream bot use. Bots are here to stay! Everyone of us has two choices, either keep staring at the queue page on the next Adidas Yeezy Boost release, or take our chances with a bot!