AIOMac Bot Overview

Below Average Support

What is really eye-catching when you go to AIOMac Bot website that you don’t find a “support” or a “Contact us” page. This surely says that their customer support is not up to the standards.
It also seems that the only way to contact them is through email, which can really take ages to get a response to.


AIOMac Bot provides users with a really clean and simple user-friendly interface. It also supports a wide range of sites and has an iPhone Companion App.

Performance Fluctuations

The Copping power of AIOMac Bot seems to be OK. But what’s awfully weird, is that most of their users complain about their orders being canceled. We know this could happen due to some user mistakes. But this also means that these users didn’t have good instructions or technical support during the release.

Reasonably Priced

The price of AIOMac Bot is very much reasonable. Falling right in the middle of sneaker Bots’ Price range. Being a Mac Bot, customers would’ve been thankful paying even more for it.

The Good and the Bad?

The Good
  • A standalone Mac-only Bot
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Smooth Usability
  • User-Friendly Interface
The Bad
  • Inconsistent Performance
  • Not very reliable in terms of Customer Support
Whats the Best Bot?
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