AIO Bot Plus Overview

AIO Bot’s Professional Customer Service


Being a new AIO Bot product, it is only logical that AIO Bot Plus shares the same team, or at least the same level of professionalism, of AIO Bot’s support team.

With AIO Bot Plus, You can be sure you’ll always have someone to help you, quickly and professionally, even on release day.

New and Improved

A very noticeable feature in AIO Bot Plus, is the interface. This bot offers a very simple, clean and cheerful interface for all users who will clearly enjoy a smooth and successful copping. Although we prefer more subtle colors, but AIO Bot Plus is staying true to its origins.

Impressive Copping Power

The amount of work put into creating this new copping engine is obvious. Copping so many times and several pairs at each time is not easy. But from what users are saying, using AIO Bot Plus, this has become a piece of cake.

It still has more to prove to the sneaker Community, but it’s obvious the future is bright for this Bot.

Also, a Premium price


A new standalone bot, with a new copping engine and a user-friendly interface, well that should cost some money. In the case of the AIO Bot Plus, you’ll have to pay $300, that’s in case you could catch the next restock.

The Good and the Bad?

The Good
  • Impressive Copping Power for a new Bot
  • Smooth navigation and a user-friendly interface
  • Supports a crazy amount of cop sites (40+)
  • Always updated for releases
The Bad
  • Price is a little higher than other bots in the market
  • Still very new, needs to be observed on upcoming releases
Whats the Best Bot?
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